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App updates

New Product – Coffee Tables

New! Made in USA and an average profit of $90/sale

So, here we are!
Shopping season is on, almost second half of year and i can already see increase in average sale per store (good job!).
You can expect umbrella designs up in your store by end of this month and at the same time, from second week next month, your store will get the fresh, new and Made in USA product called ‘coffee tables’.
> Processing time is 5-7 days> Shipping time is 3-4 days> ONLY available in USA (no PO box address)
This is going to be one of the most profitable products as in our test marketing campaigns, we are averaging the profit of $90/sale (sup, that’s profit after supplier payment).
These coffee tables are hand made and ships from USA, thus faster shipping times and it ‘aww’ the pet lovers. Higher profit margin means you can invest more in ads for higher ROIs.
At TheBreedbusiness, my primary goal is to make sure that every member is getting the most out of the system.
If you are a platinum member, no action is needed from your side however if you are NOT the member yet, you have 2 options:
1) Get TheBreedBusiness platinum membership (one-time payment) by clicking here.
2) If you want to try the system with a limit of upto 200 products a month, you can install TheBreedBusiness shopify app from this link.
Either way, you should test the system as it creates whole new business for you, where you can sell to over 70 million pet lovers(in USA alone).
My team is constantly filtering the ‘USA suppliers’ and eventually, TheBreedBusiness will offer only ‘Made in USA’ products for faster shipping and better quality.
——Pro Tip——
Make sure you are utilising the power of Amazon, eBay and Etsy shopping as you dont need to spend in ads and these platforms already have buyers.
Thanks,Tarun Rathi,TheBreedBusiness

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