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App updates TheBreedBusiness Fulfilment App

TheBreedBusiness Shopify App Overview

Thanks for installing TheBreedBusiness shopify app, this video shows the overview of app and how you can use it easily within next 30 mins.

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App updates TheBreedBusiness Fulfilment App

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about TheBreedBusiness Fulfillment app:

  1. What is TheBreedBusiness Fulfilment app?
    – TheBreedBusiness Fulfilment app is the shopify app use to manage TheBreedBusiness product catalog. Using this app you can convert your store in TheBreedBusiness style dropshipping store.
  2. How to operate the app?
    – Simple, click on this link to access step by step app usage video.
  3. Can you show me the sample of store created using TheBreedBusiness app?
    – Sure, you can click here to visit the sample store.
  4. Is it just another ‘fulfillment’ app?
    – No, its entirely different from traditional fulfillment apps. In traditional apps, you need to upload your own designs to a different product which results in high cost of ‘graphic designers’ however in TheBreedBusiness fulfillment app, all you need to do is, chose the products that you like and add them to your store. After that all you need to focus is on selling. There are over 8000+ designs to chose from covering 100s of popular pet breeds. As per Facebook there are 70 million dog lovers alone ‘as interest’ to target. This blog itself has many videos to help you with Facebook marketing part.
  5. Do you offer a free trial?
    – Yes, you can try the app for 14 days for free.
  6. Can you share the supplier price of products?
    – Sure, you can download the price sheet and adjust your prices for maximum profit. We recommend 30-40% profit margin.
    in the file, you’ll also find the RSP stands for ‘Recommended selling price’
  7. Can I sell your products from my shopify store which already have other products?
    – Sure you can, however, it is recommended to another shopify store for TheBreedBusiness products as the target market is pet lovers, it is very important to have relevant products and themed shopify store. The purpose here is to create a brand loved by pet owners.
  8. Do you offer support?
    – Yes, you can email us at with your questions.
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App updates Training Videos

Christmas Products and FB Ads Strategy

Click here after watching video till end…

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