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TheBreedBusiness System

The BreedBusiness [Chapter 18]-THE BREEDBUSINESS

In a nutshell the breed business it has over-

  • four thousand unique products 100%focused on breeds
  • over 24,000 sq used
  • four thousand plus images plus product description
  • Ready Facebook as campaign
  • plug-and-play business model guys you don’t need to think much about it it’s ready
  • 100% print on demand youdon’t need to keep any inventory that issomething we are going to take care of
  • Super passionate audience because they’re the dog lovers, they’re the pet lovers, they love their pet like a family member. I don’t need to justify this point just look around or probably you own a pet
  • Not a t-shirt or legging or apparel because there may be a hundreds of people who are doing t-shirts legging this is not my thing.I don’t go with t-shirts legging on a apparel general kind of apparel.We stick to a specific product rather we focus on creating more designs.
  • Competition is less than ten people know.It’s pretty more now.It’s almost like 20 to 25 people now.
  • Up to 300 plus product and monthly I have a dedicated team who is going to add over 300 products each month.So it will make sure that your store is supplied with fresh products and it’snot only for platinum box again this is an old text it is available for gold plan also.


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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 17]-AUTOMATED SYSTEM


Another benefit of the breed business program.Another best part is hundred percent automated after sales. Once we have your store ready, you started promoting them. Any sale that you get we handle that you don’t need to worry about it.All you have to do is you just have to pay the supplier cost.The minimum cost for that you have to pay for a specific item and we take care of printing process,delivery process, all the tracking and everything is updated on your Shopify store from by my staff which makes everything super automated for you.No after sales issues.

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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 16] – MAKE MONEY & BUILD YOUR BRAND


It takes money to build a brand. As I have said before, Aliexpress can be good but the majority of time it’s only about a one-time sale. You can sell one product to thousands of people, but you don’t know whether you will get the next saleable product or not. You don’t even know how you’re going to find the next saleable product once sales of your current product decrease.

So at some point in time you will have a lot of stress. I have been through this situation. I was a huge winner and made a lot of money–and suddenly next day the product is dead. The market was saturated and I didn’t know how to find the next good product to sell. You don’t want to have that problem, and this is something that TheBreedBusiness overcomes.


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