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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 12] – FACEBOOK ADS = A GOLD MINE


By using Facebook Ads you will promote your products, and I can say that Facebook Ads is a gold mine. It is easy because you’re going to run a very simple ad. You will not waste your time doing research, targeting an audience etc.

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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 11] – THE BREED BUSINESS STORE

This is one of the looks of our store. It’s a high-converting theme.The theme is only included in the Gold Plan Plus. I’m going to show you what that is right now. We have done over $100 k of testing since last year and we have spent almost $180,000 on advertising. We know exactly know what kind of price structure and what pricing is working with these products, so you don’t need to do any guesswork. You can use our recommendations right away.  There is a huge collection of products, as you already know. We have 4,000+ designs. Our website offers easy navigation. Everything is very systematic ans is divided into collections, breeds, types of pets and is further divided by items and gender.

Everything is very well managed. All the calls to action, payments, images, etc. is in place. Why is that? Because we are creating a brand for you.  All you have to do is to provide us with your Shopify access and a domain name (your your own brand name). Apart from that, we will get everything else ready for you.

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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 10] – EXAMPLES OF OUR PRODUCTS

So let’s go to the samples!

The first sample is show breed shoes. There are 3,000+ items including sneakers like this. Can you see that what is this? These are women’s sneakers with a pug dog on the top. This is one of the best-selling items in my tests. It’s called a Pug sleeper. So the question is, if you had to advertise this product using Facebook, what would you do?

All you have to do is create a new campaign, paste this picture on your Facebook page, and then target the relevant interest group. Enter “pug” and other related interests like pug lovers, black pug, multiple pug interests. That’s all. This is your targeting; it’s so easy! All you have to do is start by using the specific words and Facebook Ads will show these products to the target customer group–and you see the magic. Customers love these products. It’s based on the emotional reaction of a pet owner. This makes it very easy to sell these product, and they’re not available anywhere else.

This is the part of TheBreedBusiness system only.


The next sample is a backpack. You know there are different categories of backpacks for adults, kids going to school, and for sports. This is  a perfect product when you have something to promote for going back to school, which is very popular in the USA. So we have about 300 backpack designs.

These are some sneakers that feature a different, top dog breed.

Flip-flops: I love these flip-flops! I have some of them, and they’re amazing. People love them.




These are another a very sweet and cute design of flip-flops.



Slip Ons: Here comes the slip-on shoes. There is a huge margin of profit on this product! We are talking about a 50% margin on these products. You can decide your own price, of course. But in my sample testing, sample price viewers liked the 50% profit on each sale on this kind of product.


This is another slip-on shoe design with another dog breed. We have also divided TheBreedBusiness catalog into products for event, holidays or certain times of year, as shown below.



For example, this is a design we tested during Halloween. We have about 300 products for Halloween including is shoes, backpacks, flip-flops, etc. We offer a big database of Halloween products and now it includes my favorite product, the one that actually is making me money right now. It’s a bedding set with pillow covers.


These shoes are so beautiful! I have two of them although I’m not a dog owner, I just love them so much. The quality is amazing, and this product is like food for eyes for the pet lovers. When they see their breed, when they see their baby printed on this beautiful bedding, they love it.

If potential customers cannot afford to buy the bedding, they at least let others know about it. We have seen some cases where even a big pet organization or charity has ordered this in bulk. One customer went to a store and started promoting one Chihuahua bedding set–and he got an order for 174 items for a single charity organization! That order of 174 items is really something. He made about three times the amount he paid for TheBreedBusiness system. That’s great!


We have high top shoes.We have a lesser quantity of these, but we do have them!



A recently added product is the canvases. They’re super hot, selling like hot cakes! We have different breeds on different canvases featuring amazing artistry and imagination.

I have a dedicated in-house team of designerst who work on these products. No other services, no other provider offers these ready-made products in such detail for pet lovers. These are specifically for pet lovers. We only focus on pet lovers because there are millions of them, worldwide.

The next one is my second favorite, and you going to love it. It’s car seat covers. There is a review from one customer who said that when they leave the car empty it looks like the pet is still sitting in the car with the seat belt on. This is so cute! So as a potential pet lover, or if you know someone who is a pet lover, why don’t you just show them this book? Show them the products and take their order. I can guarantee you that they have never seen a daily use product like sneakers, flip-flops or seat covers like our products.

I have received email from my own store customers saying that there was no product for their specific breeds before, and this was the first they had seen it. They love these products.

So now you know the products. You know the audience.  The question is, what does your store look like? Because here we are talking about TheBreedBusiness, whether it is Shopify based or a real-world store. My team will set it up for you. They’re going to make it live.






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