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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 7] – PAYPAL LIMITATION

There is a chance that you might get your money back in one or two cases. But if you cannot provide PayPal with verifiable tracking numbers for non-delivered items, then it’s “game over.” Your money will be stuck there stuck for six months, and you may not have access to another merchant account. If you’re from a developed country like the US or Canada you might have some alternate option.

But you and me, we both know that we need PayPal to run our drop shipping business online. People don’t trust new brands; they trust PayPal. Unfortunately, we cannot change that. We have to accept it.

Supplier issues can result in the delayed delivery of orders. Then your customers will begin disputes, make more complaints, and finally, PayPal won’t allow our business to use their services. So you have wasted your ad money. You have to refund the cost of the order to your customer if you’re a legitimate seller. Even after that, you cannot use PayPal anymore.

It’s the end of a business. This is very sad, and I really hope and pray that this won’t ever happen to you, or to me again.

I’ve been through that stress in my life. It even affected my personal relations with my wife. I was under stress all the time and thinking about what to do next. In the country I am from, we don’t have much access to other forms of payment. So that was a really bad experience, but again it took me one step closer to creating this system that I am showing you today, TheBreedBusiness.

So I strongly object to selling items from Aliexpress. But what you should actually sell? What I sell! The answer is simple.

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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 6] – SUPPLIER ISSUES

Suppose you find a very nice product that works on Aliexpress, Amazon, or other places, and you think the product is going to go viral. If you have actually sold thousands of them and the demand doesn’t end, you will experience the other bad aspect of the dropshipping business. It is called supplier issues. Getting orders from Aliexpress suppliers is just the start of the game.

The question is, how many orders do the suppliers actually ship? Let me tell you about a very small incident. There was a time when I found a new supplier for a keychain. it was a very unique kind of keychain. I sold thousands of these niche specific keychains at one point of time and my existing supplier out of stock. My supplier didn’t have any more inventory, so I tried to find another one. A guy sent me a good sample, so i placed the order of 1,800 pcs.

He told me, “okay, everything is shipped, everything is good.” The problem was, 30 to 45 days later my customers contacted me and said, “we haven’t received anything.” So why the hell didn’t they got anything? It was supposed to have been shipped 45 days earlier.

I agree that shipping from China is slow, but they had not received their orders after 45 days too. That is unacceptable. So I contacted my supplier and asked him all the questions. He keep on evading the issue. I became so irritated that did not want to deal with him any more. Then, he confessed that he has not sent any items at all! Can you believe that? He has not shipped anything at all. He provided me with tracking numbers and all they were all fakes.

That shattered my whole business back in 2016. And the result is that this is the worst scenario you would ever see if you use PayPal. If you’re a seller that uses PayPal, their limitation is equal to “game over.”

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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 5] – NEGATIVE FACEBOOK CAMPAIGNS

Another problem is negative returns for Facebook campaigns. Because the product is already oversold, it doesn’t matter how good you are at using Facebook Ads. You are not going to make a positive return on ad spending (ROAS). It should not be less than one (1). If it’s two (2), that means if you invest five dollars you get $10 back, you earn double what you spent, which is good. But it is very difficult to accomplish that when there are millions of product in Aliexpress and you have no idea how to test them. So my vision of creating your presence is to cut out the Aliexpress scrap right away and instead offer something that is non-competitive in a market that is not saturated.

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