Shopify Apps Review (2023)

Why Dsers is #1 Shopify Dropshipping App?

Dsers Shopify App

Why to use Dsers Dropshipping app?

  • DSers is a dropshipping platform that enables sellers to process hundreds of orders at once, saving significant time in the order management process​1​.
  • It has numerous features, including bulk order processing, unlimited orders per month, fulfilment of orders, auto-sync of tracking numbers, and more. One notable drawback, however, is the lack of a US database​.
  • DSers offers different pricing plans, starting from a free plan and going up to a $49.90/month plan, which includes advanced features like managing 25 stores and 75,000 products​.
  • It was launched in 2018 as a solution to inefficiencies the developers saw in existing dropshipping platforms, and it integrates seamlessly with Shopify​.
  • Some of its competitors in the market include Spocket, Oberlo, CJ, and Dropified​.
  1. Introduction to DSers
    • Background and purpose of DSers
    • How DSers works
  2. Features of DSers
    • Bulk orders and unlimited orders
    • Auto-fulfillment and auto-sync of orders
    • Managing multiple stores
    • Supplier management
    • Price and stock control
    • Importing products with Chrome extension
    • Drawbacks of DSers
  3. Pricing of DSers
    • Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Pro plans
  4. Comparison with Competitors
    • Spocket
    • Oberlo
    • CJ
    • Dropified
  5. Pros and Cons of DSers
    • Processing abilities
    • Time efficiency
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Limitations of DSers
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Introduction to Dsers app.

In the digital commerce realm, dropshipping stands as an innovative approach to retail, where cyber merchants forego the traditional practice of keeping a product inventory. Instead, when a consumer places an order, the merchant procures the item from an intermediary – typically a wholesale supplier or the product’s manufacturer. This third party is responsible for shipping the item directly to the consumer, thus absolving the merchant of any need to physically handle the goods.

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DSers emerged in 2018 as a beacon in this space for entrepreneurs harnessing Shopify as their online retail engine. Conceived to address the cumbersome and time-intensive nature of existing dropshipping solutions, DSers developers engineered this platform to streamline and accelerate order placement. This innovation allows merchants to reclaim valuable time, enabling a stronger focus on business expansion.

A Closer Look at DSers’ Features

DSers arrives brimming with functionalities tailored towards simplifying the dropshipping journey. An essential benefit for business owners is the capacity to process bulk orders, simultaneously handling an unlimited number of orders each month, a feature that presents a significant time advantage for expansive e-commerce ventures.

Notably, the platform flaunts auto-fulfillment and auto-sync features. These automated capabilities allow for expeditious order completion, and punctual updating of shipping data, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction through reliable and up-to-date delivery updates.

Further adding to its appeal, DSers equips users with the ability to administer multiple stores from a singular account and boasts a comprehensive supplier management system. Entrepreneurs managing various online shops will find this feature particularly advantageous. For greater flexibility and convenience in expanding product listings, the platform offers users a Chrome extension for product import.

Like any tool, DSers isn’t devoid of imperfections. Notably, it lacks a US database, a potential setback for merchants whose primary consumer base resides in the US.


Offering an array of pricing packages, DSers caters to a wide range of business requirements and financial constraints. The Basic plan, offered at no charge, boasts numerous features including the ability to manage three stores and 3,000 products, along with bulk order processing. For enterprises requiring more, DSers offers Standard, Advanced, and Pro plans, providing further capabilities such as automated stock updates and management of additional stores and products. The pinnacle Pro plan, priced at $49.90/month, affords the most comprehensive features, including administration of 25 stores and 75,000 products.

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DSers in Relation to Its Contemporaries

In the realm of dropshipping applications, DSers is pitted against rivals like Spocket, Oberlo, CJ, and Dropified. Each competitor has its unique functionalities and pricing models, necessitating businesses to critically assess each offering to identify the solution best aligned to their needs.

Balancing DSers’ Strengths and Weaknesses

DSers particularly excels in its processing prowess, capable of handling hundreds of orders concurrently, potentially reducing order placement time by up to 97%. This efficiency offers a substantial boon for businesses grappling with high order volumes.

Moreover, DSers is an economical choice with its complimentary Basic plan, permitting businesses to harness the platform’s benefits sans any initial expenditure. Additional accolades include its user-friendly interface and superior delivery tracking, which allows for pre-setting shipping preferences.

Yet, DSers is not without shortcomings. Notable criticisms include the platform’s automatic update feature for previously added products, which is currently under review by their customer service team. As previously mentioned, the absence of a US

database may pose a challenge for businesses catering primarily to US consumers.

In Summation

DSers distinguishes itself as a potent and efficient dropshipping application for Shopify, replete with a plethora of features designed to streamline and expedite the dropshipping process. Despite some setbacks, the platform’s strengths in bulk order processing, auto-fulfillment, and multi-store management, coupled with its competitive pricing structure, render it a compelling choice for e-commerce businesses.

Frequently Posed Inquiries

  1. What is DSers?
    DSers is a dropshipping application for Shopify, equipped to handle bulk orders, manage multiple storefronts, and automate various facets of the dropshipping journey.
  2. How does DSers function?
    DSers operates by integrating with your Shopify storefront, allowing you to import products from AliExpress for dropshipping. It subsequently oversees the order placement and delivery process with these products.
  3. What are some features of DSers?
    DSers boasts features such as bulk order processing, auto-fulfillment and auto-sync of orders, multi-store management, and the ability to import products via a Chrome extension.
  4. What are DSers’ pricing plans?
    DSers presents four pricing plans: Basic (Free), Standard ($1.99/month), Advanced ($19.90/month), and Pro ($49.90/month).
  5. What are some alternatives to DSers?
    Other viable options to DSers encompass Spocket, Oberlo, CJ, and Dropified.
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