FAQ: Langrr App

  1. How does it work?
    – Langrr is a Shopify based app that converts the language of Shopify store based on user choice or IP address.
  2. What are the options in app?
    – You can update settings like ‘auto-translate’, if enabled then your Shopify store would tarnslate to the ‘visitors’ language based on IP address of country. Further, your store visitor can choose the desired language from ‘drop down’ box at the bottom of the page.
  3. How does it help my store to make more money?
    – Using Langrr app, you can show your store’s product description in the native language of store visitor thus ‘every visitor’ is the potential customer as they would be more comfortable to learn bout your products in their language…
  4. I am facing issues in installing the app?
    – For any issues, feel free to email our support at OR simply click the ‘green envelop’ link on the right-bottom side of app to chat live with support agent.
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