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TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 9] – UNIQUE PRODUCTS + FACEBOOK ADS

The graphic above shows what we’ve been through. What matters is that you should understand what you are actually getting into, what you can actually expect from a specific course or a specific product. A product that is simple and unique can result in massive sales, which creates a brand, and a huge inflow of cash.

Let’s focus on the last part–creating a brand. That’s where our all energy should be focused, on creating a brand not on creating sales. It’s all about creating a brand.

All the big players in the industry have a brand. think about shoes. You see NIKE, you see Reebok. Or, in the clothing industry you see Zara.  These compaies have created their brands over time. People buy them by the word-of-mouth, or because of the name. So it’s not like you cannot be at their level, but you do have to start. It is important that in your vision of your company, you must put one word in bold tyoe, and that is B-R-A-N-D, brand. Focus on creating a brand. It’s very important.

I still regret my first few years of being in business. My purpose was to make money right away and building a brand was not on my “to do” list.

Now I understand it. Realize that your branding is everything. It is something that is going to bring your sales for the rest of your life, just from the name of the products, the name of your website. We’re going to talk about it more later on.

So the question is, what are TheBreedBusiness products, and who are the customers who will buy them?

First of all, I am going to show you some sample customer data from Facebook Ads about thirty million dog owners. TheBreedBusiness products are completely based on pet lovers, that is someone who owns or likes dogs, cats, horse, hamsters, snakes or fish. For every pet that you can imagine, we have a product for them. They are products that are so unique! They’re so beautiful that once people see these ads on their Facebook news feed, or on Google, they are in love with them.

If you own a pet I am sure you understand the emotional bond between the pet and the owner. This bond is completed by the products that we have created.

On Facebook, in the United States alone, as you can see in the targeting box, there are 30 million dog owners who are women, and they are ready to purchase unique products that are not on Aliexpress. Aliexpress dog products are dead, they have saturated the market, so don’t even enter this niche unless you have a private product, okay? TheBreedBusiness products related to dogs are very new, and the number of products keeps increasing every month.

There are 27 million cat owners in the United States who are women. If you want to consider the other countries the number going to be about 200 million people who have a dog or cat, worldwide, on Facebook alone. And Google is almost equal to Facebook in terms of my love for paid ads such as the Google Shopping Ads.

So the point I have shared here is that TheBreedBbusiness products are targeted at pet lovers. Not just dog and cats, but other pets such as snakes, fish and everything that you have ever seen as a pet, we have a product for it. I’m going to cut the chase right now and show you some of the sample products, right here, right now.








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TheBreedBusiness System

TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 8] – WHAT TO SELL

You need to sell something that is new, that has already been researched, has very little competition, a huge catalog, a huge number of options and a pre-defined market. I love the words “pre-defined market.” I am going to show you the products, and once you have a look at them you will know to whom you have to promote these products. These products bring their market with them, so you don’t need to research that.

When you see the product you will know the specific targeting you need to do on Facebook, and that’s the magic of it. Even if you have not done Facebook Ads before it’s so simple that you can set up your ads right away. They might not be profitable at first; you might have to find the right designs. But at the end of the day  we are looking for a positive return on investment (ROI) campaign from Facebook or other paid traffic sources.

That is what you are going to get in this system.

Unique products plus Facebook Ads is equal to dollars and dollars. Personally, I am NOT the guy who’s into screenshots because it doesn’t prove anything. All the screenshots, or the videos that you see around the internet–it might belong to them or ir might not. It really doesn’t matter.


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TheBreedBusiness – How to Create Your Car Seat Cover Business

Create your own pet print car seat cover business (with over 700 breeds and designs) using TheBreedBusiness products catalog,
All you need is a shopify store and TheBreedBusiness platinum plan to get started. You can watch the complete webinar here to learn our easy system to convert a failing Shopify dropshipping store to asix figure monthly drop shipping business.

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