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QuickShip App: FAQ

QUE 1: How can QuickShip app help my business on shopify?
– Using QuickShip app, your customers would be able to track there order’s shipping status right from your shopify store. They don’t need to leave your website to track.

QUE 2: How to enable the app?
– Simply drag the ‘enable app’ bar and it will sync with your current orders.

QUE 3: How many carriers do app support?
– Currently, app supports all major shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post etc. We are continuously adding more carriers.

QUE 4: What is the use of ‘Instant Tracking Status’?
– If you want the alternate tracking number to be assigned to all orders immediately then you need to chose ‘Yes’. This tracking number could show additional information to the customer like ‘Item is under manufacturing’ or ‘Item is in packaging status’ etc, you can define these messages from the ‘Instant Tracking Status’ option.

QUE 5: What if i need more support?
– You can email us anytime at: VIP@TheBreedBusiness.com

Founder of TheBreedBusiness system, TheBreedBusiness AMZ addition, TheBreedBusiness INST PR Suite and TheBreedBusiness BLUE Suite
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