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TheBreedBusiness System

The BreedBusiness [Chapter 20]-Pricing


You can chose from 4 options: How much you are willing to pay for your unique shopify business? It is respective of what kind of financial situation you are. Before I am going to show you the plans, there are a few customers that say that “we love the Breedbusiness model but we don’t have money to pay” . See it is not like that, we always have money, let’s suppose there was a kind of emergency you have to pay, a college fee or some kind of educational fee, you have to pay for your taxi etc I call it a mentality shift, its your mind that decide the significance of any event/condition.

This is going to be your business, this is something that is going to make you more money. You have invested money in college education, thousands of dollars which do not guarantee anything. But here, you have a ready-made set up and without competition. So if you still say that you cannot afford it then I’m sorry this is a mentality decision and you need to change that. Not for the breed business for anything else, it is always on what you want, what you don’t want and what you are confused about.

If you’re confused about anything there will be an email address, that is something I reply personally so write back to me. You don’t need to hurry up. You can think over it but don’t come up with an excuse that is not true to yourself.



Starter plan is more like an introduction, a kind of trust building thing between you and me. Fact is, you don’t know me I don’t know you too. Starter plan is kind of establishing a relationship. But if you can afford a Platinum one then I would suggest that. In this plan you’ll get:

  • Package Inclusion: Creation and Upload of 50 Product Listings for Pet Breeds (Image, Content and Price) Every Month.
  • Listing optimization Included: Tested product description, call to actions etc.
  • Automatic Fulfilment: Once Your TBB based Shopify Store Receive Order, We Automatically Fulfil it, Update Customer and Provide Support. After a successful delivery, My team would contact the customers for feedback.
  • A dedicated team for a brand level experience.
  • $997 ONE Time (Including Setup fee and No monthly fees.)
  • Click here to order ‘Starter plan’
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