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The BreedBusiness [Chapter 10]- SAMPLES OF PRODUCTS

So first of all I am going to show you the sample customer data from Facebook ads thirty million dog owners. So the breed business product is completely based on pet lovers that is someone who owned or like dog, cat, horse, hamsters, snakes, fishes.Every pet that you can imagine we have a product for them.They are product that’s so unique, they’re so beautiful, once people they saw these ads on their Facebook news feed or Google they are in love with it.

If you own a pet I am sure you understand the kind of emotional bond between the pet and the owner.This pawn is completed by the products that we have created over the year.


In Facebook alone in United States and as a women on leaf as you can see the targeting box,there are 30 million dog owners ready to purchase unique products and that are non Aliexpress. Aliexpress dog products are dead, they are like unsaturated, even enter in this niche until you have a private product, okay?But the BREED BUSINESS product related to dogs are very fresh and they’re keep on increasing every month in the database.


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