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TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 14] – HIGHLY ENGAGING ADS

The ads we tested have resulted in two ads with high engagement. As every product is targeted to unique pet owners, it has resulted in super engagement from the targeted audience. This ad alone achieved 40,000 likes, 24,000 posts, almost 5,000 shares, 5,000 loves, and about 12,000 comments. Wow! Twenty five thousand shares. And that is for just a one specific breed! Not every pet breed performs like this, but there are some that do.

At the end of the day, we just need to look the money coming in and the money going out. How much we are made from each product, and how many people have we have added as new customers? To grow the brand we have to make sales; that’s the focus. This example was shared 25,000 times with the eleven thousand comments, and this is only one sneaker featuring a specific breed. It is not financially possible to promote all products at the same time. We promoted that product with that breed because we were testing it out. All of our money that goes into one specific ad and then we wait to see what the returns are, etc.

So there was a kind of gap that time. But overall, the point is if we don’t need many products to test, only a few of them. They simply show us the customers’ reactions, the profitability, and we know the idea.



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