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TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 15] – SMALL AUDIENCE, BIG RETURNS


Even a small audience gives big returns.There are many breeds with smaller numbers of pet owners, such as under 200,000, but due to the unique and passionate products they result in higher returns. I don’t need to repeat myself. Many times, all you can see is that the specific breed that the pet owner owns is like their world to the owner. So the owners really connect to products that feature their breed of pet. They may not be able to take their pet everywhere, but they can wear sneakers and use backpacks with photos of their pet’s breed. Whenever the pet owner goes out the shoes and backpack remind them about their best friend.

The size of the niche doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if there is only a thousand people on Facebook with that type of pet. By using Facebook Ads you’re able to sell these products to the pet owners. And you have no competition!

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