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The BreedBusiness [Chapter 19]-THE BREEDBUSINESS BOX


So when we launched it in October,five businesses paid fourteen thousand dollars each.Now here you don’t have to pay anything near about it. I will say it’s a very funny amount right now. But that point of time because we don’t need many people to get in.Even we were learning the system and that time five small businesses they paid fourteen thousand each.If you think if a single graphic you know every listing,every bit product it is created from a graphic that is customized.That my team here in the back office they created it.If a single graphic cost five dollars then the four thousand designs it cost almost twenty thousand dollars.Five dollars is a very minimal price fora good profit.Let’s say if you have to do it yourself you have four thousand products and it’s like five dollars a product then you have to pay $20,000 to a graphic designer to get it done.But here again it’s nowhere near it.

All you need it after sale is Shopify store access, YouTube account.YouTube is because you know there is one a branded video if you want that it’s an optional part.Specifically note Shopify store access and a domain name.




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