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TheBreedBusiness [Chapter 4] – NICHE RESEARCH

After few hours you see some traffic, you see some likes and shares, but no sales. You’re confused. Why is that happening? It makes you want to contact the course creator, the person you have followed or the YouTube video you have seen, and ask them, “why is it not working for me?” All they will point you to is niche research–just like the people they’re selling their course to for thousands of dollars, the new people, even the small business owners like you and me.

They do not accept the fact that the Aliexpress marketplace is huge, and it is very difficult to find something that will sell without actually knowing if the product has any scope or if its market is saturated. All the “experts” want to do is to tell you to do niche research. From their point of view, you did not do the research, and you’re trying to sell something. But the question is, how do we know whether that specific product is being sold or not? How do we know if that product is profitable or not?

Niche research is a huge field. If you have thousands of dollars to spend on it, go ahead. You don’t need to even read this post. Go ahead and keep testing more products. Maybe you want to find something, and maybe you want to sell thousands of those products. But what happens when the market dries up? You are back to square one again. You need to find another product and then another product, like a never-ending loop. That is not a stable business. That is not a successful branded business, and it is not how a real business works. A successful business has a plan, it has a system in place that works.

Every guru or course wants you to focus on niche research–but they don’t tell you what you should research. They ask you to go and find something viral. But, you know, if it is already viral, if it is already there on Facebook, it means that the product is already oversold. That means the chances are that the market is already saturated. So what’s the point of spending your money on Facebook Ads?

Well, I do not want to be negative. Instead, I am going to show you something that is ready, something that is going to solve this problem.

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