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My name is Tarun Rathi. Welcome to TheBreedBusiness Blog!

NOTE: All posts marked as ‘Chapter 2-21’ are the ‘video to text’ transcriptions for TheBreedBusiness webinar. If you like to see the webinar recording, it is recommended to start here.

TheBreedBusiness is about a new and revolutionary system of making money from your Shopify store using a dropshipping business model. I can guarantee you one thing: this is something you haven’t seen before, and it will literally blow your mind. This is absolutely new and unique system has been tested by a few people, a limited number of users, and the results are really incredible. All I want you to do is read this post and continue learning about this way of making money.

Before I continue, I want to share a little bit about myself. I’m “the guy next door,” kind of a simple person who started in internet marketing and affiliate offers in 2007. That was almost 11 years ago. I began by doing Clickbank, Warrior Forum, etc. If you understand terms like Warrior Forum, CPA and Clickbank, you must be over 30 years of age and you’ve been through a lot of internet marketing opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you know about them or not, as that’s just a little introduction letting you know that I’m a pretty old player in this game. I have done a lot of things. I have lost a lot of money through testing and trying different opportunities over the years.

Right now I am 32 years old and a happily married guy who speaks a little bit of bad English. It’s not my first language (you must have guessed that). I am an aspiring digital nomad. I like a good life, or a normal life, not specifically a kind of digital nomad life. But yeah, I love traveling. Thanks to my business, and thanks to the people–to customers like you–I can do that. It’s a mutual thing. You know, this business is something that has helped me, and this business is something that can help you, too.

I started learning about Facebook ads in 2012, and after that I started doing Teespring (a platform where you can sell T-Shirts) with Facebook Ads in 2014. Then I moved on and started doing another e-commerce business in 2015. This is something that most people are doing: buying something from Aliexpress, selling it for a higher price and making a little margin on the sale, and having the items shipped to customers worldwide. There is nothing bad in this business model, but there something else that is more profitable available right now.  By the way, if you have been in this drop shipping scenario using Aliexpress I can assure you that you have been burned. You know that, right?

So I planned and implemented the Breed business in January 2017. It was not a kind of product that I planned to make, it’s just something that I started. During the following months, as I kept testing things, I kept adding this unique product to the system. It started making me a higher return on my investment. There was a time when all of my Face book ads were making money, in fact they were making me a lot of profit because my scale is very high. But in comparison to working through Aliexpress, drop shipping is far more powerful and very unique. 

TheBreedBusiness (TBB) went public in October 2017 and opened the door to a few people as I wanted them to test the system. I wanted them to understand and implement the whole thing just like I do. Not all of them had the results I was hoping for. The sad part about the whole thing is that everyone did not implement TBB properly (or they quit within few days). But the ones who are using TBB correctly are actually managing a professional, branded business, and they are very happy with their overall returns. I’m going to share more with you in the coming blog posts.

In 2018, I added a new product called The Breed Business Amazon Edition. I’m not going to talk it about right now because it is important to focus on my prime product, the core Breed Business concept. Look for my next post and learn more about a business model that works, and can work for you.

Founder of TheBreedBusiness system, TheBreedBusiness AMZ addition, TheBreedBusiness INST PR Suite and TheBreedBusiness BLUE Suite
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