Food gifts are often considered luxury items, but sometimes it’s fun to be on the receiving end of indulgence.

Further, many of these food gifts last—baked goods can be frozen for months, wine subscriptions keep on coming, and artisanal jams are called preserves for a reason.

A homemade box of cookies is always a nice gesture, but if you’re looking to give a little extra this year, any one of these tantalizing vegan food gifts will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

From gourmet chocolates to vegan meal subscriptions, here are 10 exceptional edible vegan gifts for everyone on your list.

Everyone who has a vegan on their gift list should know that for many, the concept of not eating animals extends beyond their everyday meals.

Not every vegan who considers the lifestyle a part of their identity is conspicuous about it—they may not bring it up regularly and they may not own a ‘vegan’ t-shirt, but they do try to incorporate compassion into all they do. This includes gifting.

When it comes to food gifts, it’s fairly obvious that products made without animal ingredients are in the clear.

However, what about other gifts such as skincare, candles, and apparel? Like food, you’ll want to look at the ingredients first.