Twenty persons including drivers of two Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses were injured after a collision between the two vehicles travelling in opposite directions at Jawhar-Silvassa road on Monday morning.

According to police, each bus had 40 passengers which took place around 7am in the ghat area of Jawhar–Silvassa road.

Videos of the buses after the collision show the front of both vehicles bashed in with the driver's cabin crushed. According to the police, the collision happened after one of the drivers failed to navigate a blind turn, and ended up driving into an oncoming bus.

"Around 20 passengers were injured in this incident, and they were admitted to the nearest hospital for treatment," the police said.

While one of the buses was travelling from Silvassa to Nashik, the other was going from Jalgaon to Silvassa.

The police officers said the ghat area has a few sharp turns and apparently the driver of the bus moving from Jalgaon to Silvassa failed to navigate properly at one of the blind turns and collided head-on with the other bus coming from the opposite direction.

The driver of the bus travelling from Jalgaon to Silvassa is severely injured and along with other passengers he has been admitted to the government hospital in Jawahar,” said a police officer from Jawahar police station.

“We are waiting for the drivers of the buses to record their statements to find out the exact cause of the accident,” added the police officer.