The 2023 BMW S1000RR superbike has been officially revealed. It comes out as a heavily updated model sporting more power than the outgoing bike

new aerodynamics technology (winglets) and a range of fresh features, to make it faster and safer, than ever. Thanks to these updates the bike has been priced at £17,150 (converts to Rs 13.70 lakh as per current exchange rates) in the international market.

Starting with cosmetics, BMW has retained its aggressive design language with its sharp bodywork and sleek headlights, however, the motorcycle maker now offers winglets as standard across its range.

Electronic gadgets on the BMW S1000RR are updated as well. It gets a hill hold function, a USB charger, along with a pit lane limiter.

The most crucial add-on of all to the electronic tray is the new Slide Assist feature, which lets the rider lock the rear wheel and slide into the corner.

BMW has also revised the suspension tuning on the 2023 S1000RR, and it will retail in a total of three variants - M, Sport, and Standard. Now coming to mechanical revisions

The new S1000RR has also been updated with more advanced electronics with the help of a steering angle sensor to offer controlled slides (power and brake) which can be used when on the track.

An even bigger mechanical change is from the power train, as BMW has managed to squeeze out more power for the 1.0-litre motor. The 999cc inline-four now makes 206.7 bhp, 2 bhp more compared to the older motorcycle with the help of BMW’s ShiftCam technology.