At least 500 drones will depart the shores of New Jersey on Thursday evening, flickering over the horizon in a choreographed dance meant to evoke the experience of swiping colorful treats on a phone screen.

Promising a “surreal takeover of New York City’s skyline,” the fleet will pulse with LED lights as it serves miles of Lower Manhattan with an aerial advertisement for the mobile video game, Candy Crush.

They'll take off from and remain in New Jersey for the 10-minute presentation, but you'll spot them if you're within a one-mile radius of Battery Park.

Company general manager Jeff Kaplan characterizes the Candy Crush promo as the "next wave," however, and it's safe to say this will be hard to avoid if you're in the area.

The largest drone show to date came from Hyundai's Genesis brand, which flew 3,281 drones over Shanghai in March 2021.

The unusual project is the latest entrant in the field of drone light shows — a fast-growing technology that allows companies to “turn the sky into the largest screen on the planet,” according to Fernanda Romano, the chief marketing officer of Candy Crush.

Others see the drones as an unwanted form of visual pollution, an intrusion on the urban landscape that would seem to violate the city’s strict ban on drone use.

Unless that happens, though, the drones will become harder to escape. A future robotic flier will be viewable within 3 miles, potentially covering a large swath of Manhattan and even significant parts of western Brooklyn.