Actor Satish Shah's reaction to a racist comment he received at United Kingdom's Heathrow Airport is going viral on social media. Taking to Twitter, the 'Sarabhai vs Sarabhai' actor revealed that he was at the airport

When he was at Heathrow airport, the actor overheard the Heathrow airport staff making a racist remark. The employees at the airport were curious to know how he was able to afford a first-class ticket.

Shah chose to give it back to them with class. He simply responded by saying, 'because we're Indian'. The actor shared details about the incident on his Twitter account.

The actor, who is popularly known as Indravardhan Sarabhai from his show 'Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai', was travelling to London in first class, and overheard racist comments at the airport. While he was travelling, officials at the airport could not believe that he could afford tickets for first class.

"I replied with a proud smile “because we are Indians” after I overheard the Heathrow staff wonderingly asking his mate 'how can they afford 1st class?'" he tweeted. The actor's response has won the Internet.

Mr Shah's tweet has garnered more than 11,000 likes and several comments. Heathrow Airport also responded to the tweet apologising about the encounter.

"We needed Ms Sarabhai to be there. She'd have given a savage reply. This was still okay, like typical Mr Sarabhai. Missing those series," wrote one user.

A third one wondered, "Befitting reply. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to the economies of a lot of countries if Indian tourists stopped visiting them." "Superb reply! It's so good to see Indians giving back to them in their own language.