17-year-old Ilia Malinin made figure skating history Wednesday by landing the first quad axel jump in competition.

Competing at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic in Lake Placid, New York, Malinin went where Japan’s double Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu had failed

The quad axel is the last and most difficult of the quad jumps, all of which require four revolutions in the air. The quad axel actually comprises four and a half turns thanks to its distinctive forward-facing takeoff, a trait unique to all the axel jumps.

Malinin said that Yuzuru Hanyu, the Japanese figure skating superstar who retired in July, "definitely inspired" him to try the jump. 

Hanyu, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, fell attempting the quad axel at Beijing 2022 and has previously said that attempting the never-before-done jump "is like walking in the dark," according to NBC Sports.

In competition, the quad axel has a massive base value of 12.50, and landing it cleanly along with a bonus grade-of-execution point helped Malinin rack up 185.44 points in his free skate and win the US International Classic with 257.28 points overall.

The quad axel was the first jump he attempted in his free skate, a typical strategy for figure skaters who'd rather try their hardest jumps on relatively fresh legs.

Malinin himself is scheduled to make his senior debut at Skate America on Oct. 21; would he use the bigger stage to attempt the jump again?