Airbnb wants you, me, and our mothers to list our homes on its site. Well, they want to make it easier for hosts to do so, at least.

The company unveiled a laundry list of new offerings and updates intended to make it easier for people to host their homes and, cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky tells Fortune, improve the quality of listings.

Coming off Airbnb’s best single quarter in the history of the company, Chesky believes the post-pandemic leisure travel boom will continue.

At the same time, he’s betting that a continued economic downturn will result in people turning to easy ways to earn a little extra scratch on the side.

Airbnb announced Wednesday it’s connecting new hosts with a “Superhost” in their area for one-on-one guidance—a sort of Airbnb mentorship program. The company’s also hooking up new hosts with an experienced guest for their first booking, and it’s shoring up the company-host support service.

Despite rising inflation and an economic outlook that has Americans bemoaning the costs of food, gas and housing, Airbnb pulled in a record $1.2 billion in net income in its most recent quarter; a 46% jump compared with the same quarter a year ago.

While Airbnb started in the midst of the Great Recession as a more affordable alternative to hotels, guests have increasingly shuddered at the cost to book rentals.

The company has said that guest demand, in part fueled by long-term stays during the pandemic, remained strong, though some hosts have sounded the alarm of bookings falling “off a cliff.”