The "AquaDom" - home to 1,500 tropical fish - is 14m high (46 ft) and was described as the largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium in the world.

Police said there had been "incredible" damage. Video showed an empty tank, water pouring into the lobby and debris strewn everywhere.

The German capital's traffic information agency VIZ said there was an extremely large volume of water on the street outside, according to news agency Reuters. The police on Twitter urged drivers to avoid the area.

The Dom Aquaree, located beside a Radisson Blu hotel in a busy tourist area of the Mitte district, is home to the world's largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium.

It contains over a million litres of water and is home to around 1,500 tropical fish, according to its website. It is located in the foyer of a Radisson Blu hotel and has a clear-walled elevator built inside to be used by visitors to the Sea Life leisure complex.

The aquarium was modernised two years ago, and there is a clear-walled lift built inside for use by visitors. Some of the rooms in the hotel are advertised as having views of it.

Police said "massive amounts" of water was flowing into nearby streets and people in the area should drive cautiously.

Berlin's public transport authority said Karl-Liebknecht street outside the hotel had been closed off due to "an extreme amount of water on the road". Trams service in the area was also stopped.