While some of us enjoy gaming on a desktop, there are many who just want to sit in the comfort of their beds and enjoy playing video games.

In the last couple of years, the demand for gaming laptops has risen significantly. But packing powerful hardware in a portable form factor isn’t easy since it generates a lot of heat.

The Lapcare DCX-A101 2 Fan cooling pad reduces the working fatigue on your laptop when using it for long hours. It is powered by 2 robust cooling fans that work to efficiently keep your laptop’s PC cool and to increase the working life of your laptop.

Lapcare DCX-A101 With 6 inclination angles, this cooling pad for laptops allows you to incline your laptop in various directions to suit your different working postures which will provide you comfort and convenience while working.

Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 2 fan cooling pad remains one of the most recommended choices. The two 120 mm fans that are built-in structures of this cooling pad work efficiently at high speed to provide a superior cooling effect to your laptop while ensuring a super quiet operation at the same time.

Swiss Military Laptop Cooling Pad comes with a well-ventilated mesh design that protects your laptop against overheating and crashes which can result after continuous use for long working hours.

The two USB ports make it easy to connect the keyboard to the laptop and also make it easy for you to connect any other USB device. The ergonomic design of this cooling pad makes long hours of working much more

CosmicByte Meteroid RGB cooling pad doubles as a cooling pad and laptop stand to protect your laptop while allowing you a comfortable working experience.