It was proved in a Chinese court that the former minister had taken a bribe of about 7 billion According to Indian Rupee during his tenure in office.

Sun Lijun, a former deputy minister of public security, accused of leading a group of opponents of President Xi Jinping, has been sentenced to death for taking bribes.

He is accused of influencing the stock market and illegally possessing weapons.

A day earlier, on Thursday, two senior officials were punished by a court in a corruption and abuse of office case.

The Intermediate People’s Court of Changchun in Jilin province in northeastern China said that Sun should also be stripped of his political rights and all his personal property be attached.

Sun, 53, is accused of leading a rival group and of being disloyal to Xi. The report said that five former police chiefs accused of corruption cases were jailed earlier this week.

On Thursday, the same court sentenced two senior security officials, including a powerful former justice minister Fu Zhenghua, to death. However, there will be a two-year moratorium on its implementation.

On Friday, the court said it has been proved that Sun took advantage of his various positions from 2001 to April 2020, receiving a total of more than $92.30 million in money and valuables.