Pakistan is on verge of bankruptcy as the country’s inflation rises to 45-year high. The people barely have money to pay for basic ration but a majority of youngsters used their lucre to treat themselves to expensive Tom Hortons’ coffee.

The South Asian nation managed to smash a global record for a popular Canadian coffee shop, Tim Hortons', with the highest opening sales in the history of the brand that opened in 1964.

Not only in the brand's history but with 5352 outlets all around the world, the Pakistani franchise left behind everyone.

Lucky for the company and the brand, the sales on the first day made a roaring record.

The popular Canadian multinational coffee shop has broken a 49-year-old world record for highest sales opening day. There are more than 5,300 restaurants in more than 15 countries, but nowhere is the reception better (and wider) than in Pakistan.

Tim Hortons and Blue Foods plan to set up three stores in Lahore by the end of their opening month with branches opening in Gulbarg February 18 and 25 respectively

One user thanked and paid "Huge respect" to Tim Hortons "for giving away free ration bags to the needy families in Lahore."

Tim Hortons has been associated with the coffee business for 55 years and known for its fresh prepared food and beverages, in recent years the chain has gone global and operates more than 5,300 restaurants in 14 countries