Throwing a frozen dinner into the microwave might be efficient in the moment, but it comes with a price, a new study indicates.

It might wreck your brain.

Overconsumption of processed foods has been blamed for a host of ills, and now cognitive decline can be added to the list.

A daily diet consisting of more than 20% junk can jump-start cognitive decline.

That mouth-watering array of sauces, frozen pizza, fries, burgers, cake, ice cream that we love to chow down on could kill us prematurely.

As if an increased risk of obesity, vascular problems, diabetes and cancer weren’t enough,

The study found a correlation between high consumption of processed foods and impairment of a brain’s executive functioning.

More than 10,000 people were studied over 10 years in Brazil, where ultraprocessed foods comprise 25% to 30% of total caloric intake.