The Supreme Court has observed that those who feed stray dogs could be held liable if the canines attack people.

The court further said that the stray dog feeders should also be liable to bear the cost for the treatment if strays bite people. The court also emphasised on a need to find a solution to the stray dogs' menace.

Supreme Court said a rational solution must be found to address the stray dog issue and posted the matter for hearing on September 28.

Data shows India recorded over 1.5 crore animal bite cases since 2019. The highest number of cases were recorded in Uttar Pradesh (27,52,218)

While making an oral observation, Justice Khanna said he is also a dog lover and suggested that people who feed stray dogs could possibly keep a number or marking on the dog they feed.

These dog feeders will be responsible for vaccination and bearing the cost if a person is attacked," said justice Khanna.

“A solution has to be found... What I had thought was that the people who feed dogs should be allowed to do so

The SC’s observations come after around one lakh people have suffered stray dog bites while 21 rabies deaths have been reported this year so far.