Prime Minister Modi commissioned the carrier, built at a cost of ₹20,000 crore, at a function organised at the Cochin Shipyard Limited in Kochi

With the $3 billion Vikrant, India will join only a small number of nations with more than one aircraft carrier or helicopter carrier in service and become only the third country

The carrier has filled the nation with "new confidence," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

Each of the MIG 29K aircraft stationed on INS Vikrant weighs as much as about two fully-grown African elephants.

There are 2,200 compartments constructed for a crew of approximately 1,600. The warship also has specialized cabins for women officers and sailors.

INS Vikrant aircraft carrier is capable of generating enough electricity to power a small town

INS Vikrant has a total cabling length of 2,400 kms which equals the distance between Kochi and Delhi.

INS equipments has been made in 18 states and union territories including places like Ambala, Daman, Kolkata, Jalandhar, New Delhi, Pune etc.