Women have been fighting a long battle for equal rights and trying to bridge the gender pay gap is a crucial step in achieving it. The International Equal Pay Day is observed annually to highlight this issue. It is a United Nations-recognized event that falls on September 18.

The symbolic day aims at highlighting issues related to gender pay gap and raising worldwide awareness.

International Equal Pay Day was first observed back in 1996 by the National Committee on Pay Equity. It was a coalition of women’s and civil rights organisations that worked toward eliminating gender and race-based wage discrimination.

The Equal Pay International Coalition began officially marking it as a day to raise awareness. In 2020, the move was recognised by the United Nations and they observed the first International Equal Pay on September 18, 2020.

International Equal Pay Day also encourages people to join the social cause by identifying strategies for its implementation.

Paying women less than men his just unacceptable in a modern world. Bridging the pay gap contributes toward creating a fairer society where everyone has equal opportunities.

Educate those around you about the gender pay gap and encourage those who disagree to do their own research. The more people understand the pay gap, the more they will support the cause.

In addition to this, providing an equal pay system doesn’t only send a positive message about an organization’s values but also proves beneficial for business.