International yoga day 2022

 Triangle Pose

1. Triangle pose is an excellent way to improve flexibility and balance. 2. Triangle pose can help to relieve back pain. 3. Triangle pose can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

1. Tree Pose helps improve your balance and coordination. 2. Tree Pose can help relieve stress and tension. 3.Tree Pose can help increase flexibility in your hips and legs.

Tree Pose

Legs up pose

The Legs up pose is a very popular yoga pose that is often used to help improve balance and flexibility.

Upward facing

1. Upward facing pose can help improve your balance and flexibility. 2. It can also help relieve back pain and tension headaches.

Warrior I pose

1. Warrior I Pose is a classic yoga pose that offers many benefits. 2. It helps to stretch the chest, shoulders, and neck. 3. It also strengthens the legs and ankles.

Cat-cow pose

1.Cat-cow pose can help to relieve back pain. 2. The pose can also help to improve flexibility in the spine. 3. Cat-cow pose is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

1. Bridge Pose is a great way to open up the chest and lungs. 2. Bridge Pose can help to relieve back pain. 3. Bridge Pose can help to improve digestion.