The It is possible for a non-striker to get run out by backing up too far before the bowler has released the ball. “legitimate dismissal,” According to England Pacer James Anderson.

In a crucial juncture during the third and final ODI between India and England, which was also Jhulan Goswami's final appearance, Deepti Sharma had executed a run-out as Charlie Dean went out of the crease even before the spinner released the ball.

England pacer James Anderson is not a fan of running out non-strikers even if the batter is backing up outside the crease before the ball is released by the bowler.

The veteran cricketer considers the mode of dismissal as illegitimate and in a recent interaction on BBC's Tailenders podcast he engaged in an extensive discussion on it, while citing the example of the recent Deepti Sharma-Charlie Dean episode.

During The final and third ODI between India And EnglandThis also happened to be Jhulan Goswami’s Farewell, Sharma Did a run out Dean Even before the spinner threw it, the ball was still in the crease.

"Well, you know what? I thought, I knew we were going to talk about this today. So, on the train, on the way down, I thought 'right, I'm going to just get my thoughts together and try and eloquently lay my views out for everyone'.

Anderson further pointed out that Deepti had it all pre-planned, and that she wasn’t keen on bowling the ball and was focused on running the batter out. He also remarked that there might’ve been a guilt among the Indian players on the dismissal, adding that it “left a bitter taste” for him.

“The issue for me was that Deepti was never thinking about bowling that ball. She was watching Charlie Dean the whole way and the moment she stepped out; she ran her out. That is what frustrates me about that dismissal.