Astronomers in Japan believe green laser-lights spotted over Hawaii last month were beamed down by a Chinese weather satellite.

On January 28, the Subaru telescope camera on the summit of Mauna Kea captured streaks of green laser beams that some likened to The Matrix code.

nitially, the Japanese scientists who work at the Subaru telescope believed it came from a NASA satellite known as ICESat-2 but the space agency confirmed it did not emanate from their instrument.

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan posted video online of a string of lights in the sky filmed by a camera atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest mountain on January 28.

It’s used to track nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone, as well as carbon dioxide” the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said in a 2021 press release.

The otherwise innocuous update took on a life of its own online in light of a pair of airships being shot out of the sky by F-22s in the past week.

On January 18, a swirling whirlpool appeared in Hawaii’s night sky. Experts believe the phenomenon was linked to frozen fuel emanating from a SpaceX rocket that was ejected during its launch.

Chinese defence ministry refused a phone call from US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin to clear the air after an F-22 downed the balloon on Sunday.