A petition to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell needs more signatures within days to give voters the chance to decide whether her behavior warrants removal.

Her alleged actions may not result in indictments nor violate ethics laws. Even so, they are the very definition of corruption because they abuse public resources for personal purpose.

They are claiming in a writ mandamus that more than 25,000 people in New Orleans are listed as active voters, but are not.

They claim, in the legal filing, that 546 dead people are still listed as active voters in the city.

The number of active, registered voters is key to their effort as the required signatures are based on the number of active, registered voters.

Cantrell appeared in juvenile court during the sentencing hearing of a carjacker, which gave the appearance of an improper attempt to influence the sentencing. In doing so, she gave tacit approval for more lawlessness.

Cantrell appears to have adopted a similar strategy, which is somewhat ironic after she was cast as the outsider from California who came to New Orleans to attend Xavier University.

She also stood with Irvin Mayfield Jr. before his sentencing for stealing over a million dollars from the public library.