Officials have reported that State Route 210 through Little Cottonwood Canyon was reopened shortly after 8:30 a.m. Saturday following avalanche mitigation.

The Utah Department of Transportation closed off the canyon around early Jan. 11, 2023, and later estimated the road would be back open by "midday at the earliest, dependent on results."

The department's dedicated Cottonwood Canyon Twitter account posted that mitigation was "required," and didn't initially have an estimated time that the road would reopen to the public.

According to authorities, the traction law has also ben lifted for both State Route 210 and State Route 190.

Avalanche mitigation reportedly kicked off in Little Cottonwood Canyon shortly after midnight Saturday, prompting the closure of State Route 210.

Avalanche control was complete by 11 a.m., however, there were multiple slides during mitigation, which covered the road in a new layer of snow and debris.

UDOT shared video and photos of crews moving large amounts of snow, which had all but buried SR 210, stating that an estimated time of reopening was again unknown.

UDOT officials said that road conditions are expected to improve and that State Route 210 through Little Cottonwood should be opened by 8 a.m., though that may be subject to change.