A fresh Call of Duty leak has revealed the Mastery Camos for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, giving players a solid idea of what they’ll be grinding towards when the game drops on October 28.

Modern Warfare 2 has a ton of hype surrounding it as fans eagerly await all the fun content that will arrive with its October 28 release, including a new campaign and legendary multiplayer maps.

There is plenty to be excited about in the game, and fans are wondering about what Mastery Camos they will be able to unlock in the upcoming CoD title. Now, a leak may have revealed new information about just that.

A new Call of Duty game always means a new series of weapon camouflage challenges for players to complete, with elite in-game gun skins often the reward.

Completion of one weapon’s camo challenges mean players unlock the Gold camo. Unlocking Gold for every weapon in a weapon class typically gives players Diamond and so on.

Now, new leaks claim to reveal four Mastery Camos that will feature in Modern Warfare 2. While not a complete overhaul of past titles’ Camo system, there are some differences that players will have to adjust to.

With Modern Warfare 2 having both weapon Platforms and classes, TheGhostofHope believes this is how the four weapon camos will be separated.

If this information is correct, then players will be able to start grinding to unlock the new cosmetics from day one. Earning Mastery Camos take a large amount of time and effort, so many Call of Duty fans feel that it’s the best way to show off their skill and dedication to the game.