Mumbai Police has reportedly imposed Section 144 in the city to ensure peace in the city and avoid disturbance to public order. Several media reports suggested that a curfew has been imposed in Mumbai until January 2.

Times Now, however, later updated its report to say that Mumbai Police has imposed Section 144 in the city from December 3 to December 17. Gatherings of five or more people are not allowed during this period.

Mumbai Police has issued a prohibition order for the city. In the order, the police said that based on the information received from various sources, there was a possibility and grave threat to human life and property.

The order was issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vishal Thakur, it said any kind of gathering, procession, demonstration, use of loudspeakers, etc, would be banned till January 2.

Legal meetings of companies, clubs, co-operative societies, other organizations and associations.

The prohibition is exempted for-

The prohibition is exempted for-

Social gatherings, and general affairs of clubs, co-operative societies, other societies and associations their meeting to do.

Such other assemblies and processions as may be authorised by the Divisional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Brihanmumbai and his supervisor.

Creating, displaying or displaying pictures, signs, placards or any other object or matter which is objectionable is prohibited.