It’s National Cake Day today in the United States. Today, we celebrate the love for cakes, the beloved delicacy that’s become a part of American culture.

National Cake Day is celebrated every year on November 26. Folklore suggests that cakes originated in ancient Greece and Egypt.

Apart from adding happiness to an occasion, it symbolises milestones, and makes for a perfect gift to warm the heart of your loved one.

We mean it, when we say nothing can be as sweet, decadent and indulgent than a cake. It never misses to make things extra special.

According to some beliefs, there are certain "bread-like" rich cakes that have Viking origins. Thus, the sweet delicacy loved by billions across the globe has a centuries-old tradition.

Black Forest cake is arguably the most common cake in the world. In some parts of the world, it’s also called the Black Forest gateau.

It’s a chocolate sponge cake originating from Germany, with rich layers of whipped cream in between, topped with a lace of cherries.

Cheesecake is probably the most "American" cake of all, though it originates from Greece. A cheesecake has a giant layer of a mixture comprising cheese, sugar, and eggs on a base usually made from crushed cookies.