National Unity Day is celebrated in India on 31 October. It was introduced by the Government of India in 2014.

The day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who had a major role in the political integration of India

Sardar Vallabh Singh Patel who was popularly known as the Iron Man of India was born in Nadiad, Gujarat. He was a prominent senior leader of the Indian National Congress in the Indian freedom struggle.

Later, he became the first Deputy Prime Minister and first Home Minister. Patel's contribution was immense to the history of India. He helped in uniting 565 monarchies into a newly independent India. This is an unforgettable fact of modern Indian history.

Pradhan was addressing students who participated in a youth debate organised by the Lok Sabha Secretariat to mark the 147th birth anniversary of Patel, the country’s first home minister.

The strong leader belonged to a farmer's family. Initially, during his adult years, Patel completed his law degree, with borrowed books. Later, he practiced law at Godhra, Borsad, and Anand in Gujarat after passing the bar exam.

Happiness and misery are paper balls. Don’t be afraid of death. Join the nationalist forces, and be united. Give work to those who are hungry, food to invalids, and forget your quarrels.

No distinctions of caste and creed should hamper us. All are the sons and daughters of India. We should all love our country and build our destiny on mutual love and help.