No overtime -This Samsung Computer Mouse will literally run away from your desk if you’re working too much

Samsung has launched the concept of a device exclusively designed to prevent overworking. The tech giant's efforts suggest it does not want you working over a specific limit.

The Samsung Balance Mouse will start running away from you once you cross a certain time limit and start overworking

The Samsung Balance Mouse was designed in conjunction with Innored as part of a work-life balance campaign in Korea.

The mouse does not only run away like a real one but also looks and acts like the animal. For now, however, the mouse is still just an idea in collaboration with an ad agency and is not up for sale.

Samsung notes that Korean employees work extra hours and are under pressure constantly. Workers do not take leaves, the company shared in its video.

The device can detect hand movements and will wheel out as soon as it realises a person is overworking. Samsung said that one cannot simply grab the mouse and bring it back for use.

If you think that you can easily catch the mouse when the mouse tries to escape, then you are wrong! This is because Samsung Balance Mouse is fast. Thus, even if you try to catch it, its main body comes out.