In the context of phishing attacks, a BazarCall style attack is a form of targeted phishing that uses a call-back methodology in order to trick the user.

For the first time, this emerged to be marketed in 2020/2021 as a tool of Ryuk which was later rebranded under the name Conti.

The tool has been ascertained to be an effective and adaptable tool for an entire line of criminals and has proven to be useful.

They can be travelling tens to hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour and when they hit the atmosphere.

Increasingly, callback phishing tactics are used by scammers to trick their victims in order to gain access to their personal information.

And not only that even the current threat landscape has been completely transformed by callback phishing tactics.

According to the report, So far, three threat groups that are autonomous have devised their own targeted phishing tactics,

here they are mentioned below:- Silent Ransom Quantum Roy/Zeon