Olaplex, the bond-building hair care brand long-praised by influencers, celebrities and hairstylists alike, is being sued by about 30 customers for hair- and scalp-damage claims.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, argues that Olaplex has made false statements about restoration abilities in its formulas. The suit also accuses the brand of knowingly incorporating harmful and irritating ingredients into its product line, without appropriate disclaimers.

Olaplex Holdings markets its celebrity-endorsed products as a remedy for dry or damaged hair, claiming its formulas safely "restore damaged and compromised hair" and protect against breakage.

The plaintiffs allege the Olaplex products do the opposite, leaving their hair "dry, brittle, frizzy and dull," according to the lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in district court in California.

Olaplex is assertively rejecting these claims. "Olaplex products do not cause hair loss or hair breakage," reads a statement from a brand spokesperson, shared with Fashionista.

This isn't the first time the brand has come under fire for its ingredients. In 2022, Olaplex altered the formula of one of its best-selling products, the No. 3 treatment, after controversy overwhelmed the brand on social media.

The Food and Drug Administration has received about 25 consumer complaints about Olaplex's products, according to Bloomberg, which cited a public-records request.

Despite receiving thousands of complaints, Olaplex has not recalled any of its products, according to the suit. The products are widely available at major retailers including Sephora, Ulta and Amazon.