An 11-year-old boy walking home from school is facing a years-long recovery after allegedly being stabbed by fellow student in New Jersey not far from where they both attend class.

Hundreds of high school students walked out and marched to Shull, where another 11-year-old student allegedly attacked Jimenez with a knife and caused him serious injuries.

What started as a typical walk home from school for Smailyn Jimenez from Perth Amboy New Jersey ended in bloodshed Wednesday afternoon, after another 11-year-old student used a kitchen knife to stab him in the stomach, officials said.

Zenovia Cruz was driving to the school to pick up her niece when she spotted the boy crying out for help. That’s when Smailyn lifted his shirt to show her his stab wounds.

"The other day I was walking to the bathroom from electives and there was blood on the floor and I didn't know what happened," said Brieanne Mestre, a middle school student.

Parents said the district rarely notifies them about acts of violence and that their calls for metal detectors and backpack searches fell on deaf ears.

Police arrested the boy believed to be responsible for the attack, charging him with an act of juvenile delinquency for offenses equal to attempted murder and aggravated assault if they were committed by an adult.

The city and the district released a joint statement saying in part, "We have to work together to provide a set of interventions and solutions that will work for our students