A 10-year-old child was attacked by a pitbull at a park in Ghaziabad. The attack was so deadly that the child received 150 stitches on his cheek

The video from a nearby CCTV showed that the boy was in the park when the dog attacked him. The owner could be seen struggling to take control of the pitbull.

The victim got some 150 stiches and remained in a hospital for four days

Bystanders rescued the boy from dog’s clutches but it had already severely bitten the boy across his face. So much so, that paramedics had to give the victim over 150 stiches across the left side of the face till the ears.

The incident invited angry reactions and outrage from residents of the area. Some of them demanded dog-owners to tape their pets’ mouth before bringing them to public spaces.

The video got attention of the authorities. While the municipal corporation slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on the dog owner

We must make some amends now in order to save our kids, they roam around like monnsters because we do not tape their mouth,” a resident tweeted.

This incident comes a day after two back-to-back incidents of dogs attacking people in the elevator. The video of the second attacked