Post Malone is facing another mid-show injury. The musician has once again been injured on stage, most recently at his Wednesday show in Atlanta. This time, Malone, 27,

The "Circles" singer twisted his ankle during his show in Atlanta this past Wednesday, Oct. 19, when he tripped on a pyrotechnic hole in the floor.

One audience member uploaded a close-up of the incident on TikTok, where Posty could be seen stumbling about the stage as he finished out the song, security members following along on the floor to ensure he was alright.

At the end of a TikTok clip of the incident, the musician fell to his knees for a brief moment. While Malone was limping around after the tumble, he still continued his show after apparently rolling his ankle while walking down his catwalk

Malone's latest stage stumble comes a month after he abruptly fell through a trap door during the tour's St. Louis stop. At the time, his manager, Dre London, said that the singer bruised his ribs.

Malone told his fans that he didn't feel he'd be able to give them a proper show, but just like he did for fans in St. Louis, he promised a triumphant return eventually.

The singer did get checked out at a local hospital and reported that everything was looking good to continue with the tour, but he was forced to postpone his Boston stop

The Grammy-winning artist recently opened up in a chat with GQ about his daughter, noting that one of the biggest challenges of balancing fatherhood with his career is being on the road.