Several butchers have been told to stay off slaughterhouses in the city following reports of an outbreak of Q fever

A contagious bacterial infection typically spread by cattle and goats, and carries flu-like symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headache, chest pain, diarrhoea and nausea.

Q fever is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Coxiella burnetii that spreads from animals such as goats, sheep, and cattle. People can get infected by breathing in dust that has been contaminated by infected animal.

People with Q fever usually develop flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, fatigue, and muscle pain, according to the CDC.

The Hyderabad-based National Research Centre on Meat or NRCM reportedly conducted serological tests that confirmed that five butchers among 250 samples had Q fever, reports TOI.

The NRCM report forced the Hyderabad civic authorities to take action. Officials reportedly urged infected butchers to stay away from slaughterhouses and were also asked to go for advanced diagnostic tests.

Symptoms can be mild or severe. People who develop the severe disease may experience an infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or liver (hepatitis).

As butchers deal with cattle and sheep, they are prone to such infections via air-borne transmission. It could be an ongoing infection or previously they were infected and developed antibodies