The world is filled with bizarre things, natural occurrences to man-made ones such as flying hotels. And now, a gigantic floating city could be a reality! A new terayacht design has been revealed, and if constructed, it will be the largest boat in the world.

That’s the latest concept from Italian design house Lazzarini, which unveiled its design for Pangeos, a floating city that could become the world’s largest boat.

At a time when we are recovering from a pandemic, the announcement of a terayacht might attract massive attention from travelers all over the world.

Shaped like a turtle, this terayacht will become the world’s biggest floating structure. Lazzarini, the man behind Pangeos has estimated the cost of building it to be $8 billion (About ₹65,000 crore approx).

The gigantic boat is named after Pangea, a supercontinent that is said to have existed about 200 million to 335 million years ago.

The designers say Pangeos, which will be 1,800 feet long, and 2,000 feet wide, will cost around $8 billion to construct.

The ship’s wings will be designed to collect energy from the sea’s waves – letting Pangeos to cruise perpetually without emitting greenhouse gasses.

It will be powered by nine high temperature superconductor engines – each of them fully electric motor capable of 16,800hp and powered by various onboard energy sources.