Health and Family Welfare Minister TS Singhdeo has said that the facility of sickle cell test and treatment will be started in all district hospitals from October 02.

Health and Family Welfare Minister T.S. Singhdeo has said that from the coming month, samples will be collected from all the surrounding areas of Hummer Lab to provide the facility of pathology lab to the people at cheap rate.

In the meeting, Health Minister Singhdeo took information from the health officials about the necessary preparations being made in relation to sickle cell management centers and gave necessary instructions.

He reviewed various health programs including Mukhyamantri Haat Bazar Clinic Yojna, Wellness Center, Bio Medical Waste Management with health officials.

Health Minister TS Singhdeo asked the health officials to provide treatment and counseling facilities to maximum number of patients coming to all the hospitals in the meeting.

Sickle cell is a genetic disease. Normally red blood cells in our body are flat and round. They move easily in the veins, but if there is an abnormality in them. As if their shape is not round, then they are not able to flow properly in the veins. In such a situation, there is a lack of oxygen in the body. As a result, the patient becomes anaemic and needs frequent blood transfusions.

Sickle cell is a group of several diseases. It affects the hemoglobin present in the blood. It is a hereditary disease that children get from their parents.

The patient feels severe pain from this. Also, chest syndrome, stroke, damage to bones and joints, kidney damage, vision problems may have to be faced.