Hawaii Gov. David Ige said some Hawaii residents would see tax rebates passed by the Legislature in their bank accounts by Sept. 12.

600,000 Hawaii taxpayers are scheduled to receive almost $294 million in tax refunds next week.

Gov. David Ige today announced that in the first round of refund distributions, 100,000 taxpayers will receive their refunds through either direct deposit or by mail on or about Sept. 12.

Gov. David Ige and the State Tax Director, Isaac Choy say these refunds are some of the biggest they've ever seen.

The Department of Taxation says two additional distribution dates are scheduled for Sept. 9 and Sept. 13, which should complete the bulk of direct deposit refunds.

Paper check refunds will be made in batches of 2,000 until additional check stock arrives.

refund for tax payers filed after July 31 will be issued up to 10 weeks after the acceptance of your income tax return by the Department of Taxation.”

Taxpayers receiving refund checks by mail and who filed their tax returns by July 31, should receive their refunds by the end of October.